The Branch of Peace Foundation supports building the capacity for peace in our world through a number of results-based programs and initiatives, structured to address the most critical processes for peace-building in society.  The “four pillars of peace-building” are:


Knowledge of the nature of peace, and the causes and effects of conflict, are the most powerful tools in maintaining peace both within us and among us.  Branch of Peace Educational Programs share this critical knowledge at all educational levels.  Learn More >

Conflict Resolution:

When peace has been lost, it is essential that there are resources available to us both individually and collectively, to support resolution of disputes so that peace can be restored.  Branch of Peace-Building Mediation Services provide both the tools and the means for resolving conflict.  Learn More >

Public Policy & Business Management:

The decisions made by individuals, and by leaders on behalf of the many, form the basis for actions that can grow peace in our world every day.  Branch of Peace Public Policy Initiatives build partnerships with leaders and governments at all levels, to support growing peace in our world.  Learn More >

Environmental Sustainability:

Living in harmony with the earth that we all share, requires that our individual and collective actions will ensure the sustainability of our natural resources for future generations.  Branch of Peace Environmental Initiatives support the sustainability of our environment, now and for the future.  Learn More >