Growing peace in our world requires that human beings not only develop our capacity to live in peace with one another, but also in harmony with the natural world.

All things are connected in our environment, and our interactions within it shape not only the health of our natural world, but our own health, for without clean and healthy air, water, and earth, all forms of life suffer.

The choices we make individually and collectively in our everyday lives to either promote harm or harmony with the natural world, and to thereby either support peace or conflict within it, defines not only the presence or absence of peace today but for generations into the future.

The Branch of Peace Foundation supports growing the capacity of human beings to live in harmony with our natural world through leading environmental sustainability initiatives that provide practical knowledge and tools for cultivating more sustainable lifestyles, more sustainable communities and nations, and a more sustainable world.

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Planting trees for environmental sustainabilityTrees for Peace Program:

An exciting new initiative of the Branch of Peace Foundation is the Trees for Peace Program. The Program was created as a way to develop partnerships with area businesses to support the sustainability of our environment, and build connections that support growing peace in our communities.

Through the Trees for Peace Program, donations of trees are gathered, that are in-turn publicly distributed for suggested donations to support the peace building work of the Foundation.

By donating trees for the Trees for Peace Program, not only is the connection between people and the earth strengthened in a very tangible way, but in the process a real difference is made through supporting educational outreach about how together we can grow peace, one tree at a time.

Tree donors are also provided free advertisement and publicity at local events in which the Branch of Peace participates.

Contact the Branch of Peace to find out how you can get involved today, and support growing peace in our community and our world, for generations to come.