In 2016, the Branch of Peace Foundation worked in partnership with government officials in the city of Charleston South Carolina in various efforts to have the city officially observe the International Day of Peace for the first time.

As a result of these efforts, on International Peace Day 9.21.16 Mayor John Tecklenburg signed an Official Proclamation recognizing the International Day of Peace as a “Day of Peace” in the City. In recognition of the achievement, the Branch of Peace Foundation was inspired to sponsor our first ‘Peace is a verb” musical entertainment production, the Peace Jam – Concert for Peace.

The goal of the Peace Jam, was to not only recognize the achievement of the City of Charleston, but to grow peace awareness and teach “Peace is a verb” through a celebration of the beauty of harmony. Like few other forms of entertainment, music has the ability to bring people together, regardless of any differences in age, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, and nationality, and create a collective interaction that can connect all together as one.

In 2017, to expand upon the immense success of the first Peace Jam, our Peace Jam 2 – Concert for Peace was held again at Charleston’s Music Farm on 9.22.17

For more information and pictures from the 2016 and 2017 Peace Jam visit our facebook page, click here.