The Branch of Peace Foundation supports building the capacity for peace in our world through a number of results-based programs and initiatives, structured to address the most critical processes for peace-building in society.  The “four pillars of peace-building” are:


Knowledge of the nature of peace and the causes and effects of conflict, provide some of the most powerful tools in maintaining peace both within us and among us collectively.  Branch of Peace educational programs share this critical knowledge through a variety of trainings tailored for governmental entities, corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions at the High School and Collegiate levels.  Virtual training options now available.  Learn More >

Conflict Resolution:

It is essential that there are resources available to us both individually and collectively, to support the resolution of disputes so that peace can be restored.  The Branch of Peace Foundation’s Mediation , Peace-Coaching, and Meeting Facilitation Services provide the tools and the means for resolving conflict and facilitating productive discussions in situations where communication can be challenging.   Virtual mediation, coaching, and facilitation now available.    Learn More >

Public Policy & Business Management:

Peace can be grown in our world every day, and each of us has an effect on this growth with our words, actions, and energies. When we join together, our capacity to grow peace expands exponentially.

As individuals, we have the capacity to join together in a collective voice that empowers leaders and representatives to make decisions every day on behalf of the many. From the local level to the global level, government officials and business managers can make a tremendous difference through their support of public policies and business practices that have the capacity to grow peace and reduce conflict.

As a non-profit/non-partisan/non-denominational organization, the Branch of Peace Foundation works with governmental entities, business partners, and religious institutions seeking to work toward a more peaceful future. The Branch of Peace supports the development of public policy initiatives will create positive changes that will grow the capacity for peace in our communities, our nations, and in our world every day.  Learn More >

Environmental Sustainability:

Growing peace in our world requires that human beings not only develop our capacity to live in peace with one another, but also in harmony with the natural world.

All things are connected in our environment, and our interactions within it shape not only the health of our natural world, but our own health as well.  The choices we make individually and collectively in our every day lives to either promote harm or harmony with the natural world, thereby either support peace or conflict within it, not only today but for generations into the future.

The Branch of Peace Foundation’s vision for growing peace in our world includes growing the capacity of human beings to live in harmony with our natural world, and through leading and partnering in environmental sustainability initiatives that provide practical knowledge and tools for cultivating more sustainable choices, and more sustainable communities and nations, the Branch of Peace Foundation is growing a more sustainable world.  Learn More >