Peace is a journey, not a destination…

Awareness of the nature of peace is one of the most vital elements of knowledge that one can develop in life. Peace is a common need unlike any other.  It defines our capacity to have meaningful relationships in our families, in our communities, and in our world.  It is the foundation upon which the most fulfilling and meaningful aspects of our lives are supported.

Peace enables us with the opportunity to provide for our most basic needs and the needs of our families. Peace allows us the chance to create goals for our future, and to work toward achieving changes that can make our lives better.

Peace creates the conditions necessary to ensure that we have the stability necessary to focus our energies to build and grow thriving communities. It provides us with the mechanisms through which we have the means to reach agreements between individuals, families, and communities, and create and maintain functional governments.

Peace affords us the human and financial resources through which we can direct our collective assets to maintain successful economic systems. And fundamentally, peace establishes the platform through which nations to work together to build and maintain positive relations so that different peoples, cultures, religions, and societies, can continue for generations into the future.

Peace defines and unites us all as human beings, regardless of our culture, our language, or how we express our beliefs. It is the common thread that connects all of our means to all of the ends that have any real meaning in this life. Peace is the answer.

Inspired by this knowledge the Branch of Peace Foundation was formed, and is led by the vision that “living peacefully with one another, and in harmony with earth, is the foundation of peace in our world”.

The Branch of Peace Foundation cultivates the growth of peace through expanding the awareness of the nature of peace, and the means by which peace is sustained. The work of the Foundation seeks to build the capacity for peace both within us and among us, individually, locally, and globally.

Our programs and initiatives are guided by four pillars of action that uphold our mission of building the capacity for peace in our world. These pillars of action are: conflict resolution, education, public policy & business management, and environmental sustainability.

About our Logo…

Trees have been symbols of peace in many cultures of the world throughout history.  In honor of this symbolism, the Branch of Peace Foundation’s logo was designed to represent the growth of peace among all peoples of the world.

Our branch logo has seven parts, representing trees of peace in the seven regions of the world where human beings and trees grow together.  Listed in alphabetic order, the geographic regions and the trees represented are:

Africa: Baobab Tree

America (North):  White Pine

America (South):  Ceiba Tree

Asia: Bodhi Tree

Australia: Eucalyptus Tree

Europe: Oak Tree

Middle East:  Olive Tree