When conflict arises, one of the most essential tools that we have as a society to collaboratively resolve disputes is provided through the knowledge of mediation.

The Branch of Peace supports resolving conflict, through providing a variety of world-class services that apply the skills of mediation and alternative dispute resolution processes to grow peace.

The Branch of Peace provides individuals and groups with critical knowledge concerning the nature of conflict itself, and develops the application of this knowledge through guidance in the dynamics of peaceful interactions according to our innovative “Peace is a Verb” mediation and peace coaching processes, in which the capacity to build peace can be cultivated.

Upon a foundation of knowledge in the resolution of disputes, peace building processes can then proceed if so chosen, during which support can be given to participants in the resolution of specific disputes, through applying the critical education gained in the peace coaching process.

The peace coaching, mediation, alternative dispute resolution, facilitation, and restorative justice processes offered by the Branch of Peace Foundation, also support participants in building peace in the midst of disputes, through developing the knowledge and awareness of the mechanisms that can either build peace or escalate conflict, and which can support the resolution of conflict through finding common ground.

The services offered by the Branch of Peace Foundation are not limited in scope in terms of their availability, and are provided to not only for business and governmental entities, but also can be provided to non-profit organizations, community groups, consultants, families, third-parties, and stakeholders upon request.

If you are interested in peace-building services, please contact the Branch of Peace today.